Project of the Week: 25 July 2010 – “Be artistic – Create icons”

Be artistic! Create icons for map features that aren’t rendered already.

We all enjoy seeing our tagging work appear on the map. Different
renderers and different styles show different icons so some icons only
appear on specialty maps. But what if you want to create your own
specialty map, and the icon you want is not available? The Project of
the Week is to exercise your artistic talents. Create additional icons
in the theme of a the OSM icon sets.

More details and tagging suggestions for this Project of the Week:

This Project of the Week was presented by OSM user !i!. Matthias has
been mapping Rostock, Germany since 2008.!i!

This is your Project of the Week. Make suggestions, like Matthias did
when he provided us with this PotW.

Paintbrush photo by -mrsraggle-
is licensed CC-ND

2 thoughts on “Project of the Week: 25 July 2010 – “Be artistic – Create icons”

  1. navimont

    Richard,Is there an icon repository on OSM or how will the community benefit from icons I may create? Stefan

  2. !i!

    Please upload it to the wiki and link them, we will gather all together and give it to the render dev crews.

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