Wolfram Alpha is using OpenStreetMap data


Frank Sautter reports on osm-talk that Wolfram|Alpha is using
OpenStreetMap data.

So if you search for, Girona, as in the example above, their reply
includes a map based on OSM data, like below.


So why would you search for “Girona” on Wolfram|Alpha? Because Girona
is where State of the Map will be held in just a few short weeks. You
really should attend. It will be informative and fun. And it will be
both in large measures.

Register now for State of the Map


2 thoughts on “Wolfram Alpha is using OpenStreetMap data

  1. guerda

    I politely mailed the WolframAlpha team about the missing license on the page and they answered: "We appreciate your feedback regarding Wolfram|Alpha. Your suggestion has been passed along to our developmentteam for review.Thank you for helping us improve Wolfram|Alpha."Propably only a default sentence, but hopefully, they create a link to openstreetmap.org.

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