Map? Art? Both?

Sometimes a map becomes more than just a spatial representation and becomes something else. Sometimes a data visualisation becomes more than just the underlying data and almost takes on a life of its own. When these two things meet or collide the results can be spectacularly compelling and almost … art? Which brings me neatly to the Geotagger’s World Atlas.

This rendition of geotagged photos from the Flickr and Picasa APIs is recognisably London but seems more akin to the London of one of Neil Gaiman’s novels than anything you’d find in Stanfords in London’s Covent Garden.

I could spend hours looking at the entire Flickr set of images. Correction, I have spent hours looking at the entire Flickr set of images; hence my original blog post on these lovely images.

Photo credit: Eric Fischer on Flickr.

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  1. !i!

    BTW has anybody experiences with PROCESSING language or the NASA WORLDWIND SDK? Would be nice to build up an OSM animation tool similar to google Earth 😀

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