New and returning sponsors for State of the Map

The State of the Map team have been busy this year. They face the
task of meeting or exceeding the expectations set by the event in
Amsterdam last year, armed only with their undying enthusiasm and
large pots of coffee. We’ll be able to thank those volunteer
organizers in person in Girona, as long as you have your ticket.

Get your State of the Map 2010 ticket now.

It is wonderful to see the growing list of sponsors who show their
enthusiasm for OpenStreetMap by making a financial contribution to
State of the Map. You’ll see that this list already includes some of
our familiar friends from previous years. And you’ll see that there
are some new sponsors too. welcome back, returning sponsors! Be sure
to thank all of the sponsors when you see them in Girona, and consider
their goods and services as well.


You’ll remember from last year:


And new this year are:

Ministerio de Fomento

Thank you, sponsors. Thank you SotM organizers.

One thought on “New and returning sponsors for State of the Map

  1. Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason

    For completeness, the list of sponsors that aren’t returning thisyear:Diamond: * CloudMadeSilver: * AND * Knowledge for Business * Ito * developmentseed * OffMaps on iPhoneBronze: * geocommons

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