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There are some fun comments on the techcrunch article about OSM, see the previous post to this blog for the link.

For the record the person posting as me in that comment thread is a fuck nut, and it’s not me.

For the record we are not changing the license to close it off so I can be a millionaire, as has been discussed ad nauseum on the wiki and mailing lists. In fact I stepped down from the working group.

For the record nobody from CM spoke to techcrunch (I have to limit this to the best of my knowledge, but at the very least it was nobody in management). And when we do we say over and over again what the relationship is.

I would love to think I controlled openstreetmap let alone controlled CloudMade controlling openstreetmap. But if anything my role has been to start things and try things and then get out of the way for better people to run them. If I didn’t, the project would never have been successful. It’s also pretty insulting to my fellow OSMF board members to paint them as my pets.

One thought on “Techcrunch comments

  1. Caleb Maclennan

    Wow, that’s a pretty epic misfire. Lovely that comments are closed over there so nobody can even reference solid information. Disappointing journalism, but keep at it OSM community, the map is looking better every day.

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