Project of the Week: 18 April 2010 – Back to School

Let me take you back to school. Think of all of the wonderful things
about being in school; the fun, the friends, the joy of learning. Now
think of the joy of putting your old school on the map.

The project of the week this week is to put the schools that you
attended on the map. Grade school, high school, post-secondary
schools, put them all on the map. Draw in the building outlines if
they are available, and perhaps the school yard, sport pitches and
play grounds.

Perhaps you aren’t sure that your old school still exists. Was that
building rezoned for a toxic waste dump or condos? Use this project
of the week as an excuse to get in touch with a friend from school who
still lives nearby. Call and ask if it is still a school and if the
name has changed.

Find more details about this Project of the Week.

This is your Project of the Week. Make suggestions.

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It’s fun. It’s free. You can help.

Classroom photo by Corey Leopold

One thought on “Project of the Week: 18 April 2010 – Back to School

  1. Gregory Marler

    This is a great project. I’m surprised one of my schools wasn’t even on there as a node despite the landuse=residential area avoiding it.If your school is already mapped with buildings. Check if they got added this week. Maybe your school had two OpenStreetMap students!

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