Project of the Week: 11 April 2010 – “Get Wired!”

We can take for granted the infrastructure that runs our computers.
the infrastructure that allows us to map, to listen to amplified
music, to refrigerate food. This week we take a look at the power
lines that distribute electricity. Map the high tension lines and
supporting towers as available from aerial imagery.

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Power pylon photo is by “TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³”
( ) and is licensed cc-by-sa
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6 thoughts on “Project of the Week: 11 April 2010 – “Get Wired!”

  1. Ed Loach

    For me your hyperlinks are including the end close bracket ")" so taking me to empty pages. Took me ages to spot it…

  2. Minh Nguyễn

    And even if you’re in the U.S., where a good deal of the power line network has been imported from TIGER, there’s still plenty of room for cleanup and improvement: few of the ways line up with the actual power lines, and none of the pylons have been mapped.

  3. almien

    I’ve updated the wiki page to (a) give a few ideas on finding places to start, and (b) show what sort of thing you’re looking for on the aerial photos

  4. almien

    Minh: *especially* in the US! The TIGER power lines are pretty low-res, incomplete, and have a tendancy to disappear in odd places. Plus, following them you find all sorts of find farms, hydroelectric dams, etc.

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