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LinkedGeoData Google Code Project Started

Jens writes…

LinkedGeoData is an effort to add a spatial dimension to the Web of Data / Semantic Web. LinkedGeoData uses the information collected by theOpenStreetMap project and makes it available as an RDF knowledge base according to the Linked Data principles. It interlinks this data with other knowledge bases in the Linking Open Data initiative.

we are now starting to open source the LinkedGeoData code:

It will take a while for the code to be usable externally, but you can already use the issue tracker to add (or vote for) bugs and feature requests.

Locatum: Outing the OS “policy options” ‘consultation’

In the intervening months you may have observed (as I have not been ‘anon’) various comments I have made to various posts and other blogs (I can’t remember them all now so no links!) correcting factual errors and establishing a soap box of sorts from which to contrast and/or challenge in a “you can’t prove that your emperor has any clothes” kind of way some of the statements, demands and assumptions of the ‘georati’ (?).

Now of course you may argue that I, on behalf of emapsite, have an agenda of my own, what with being an OS Premium Partner (that’s value adding reseller) and all. You may be right and I am not going to be sharing corporate information here so you’ll just have to speculate but on the whole you won’t find me hiding behind some smoke-screen of nobility and social good. Actually, on the one hand I am 100% behind the release of data sets under some kind of OS Free in support of these kind of activities, mashups etc, unhindered by the derived data nonsense. On the other hand I give short shrift to a number of things:

– that data (in this context OS data) is ‘expensive’
– that large scale geographic data has a high price elasticity of demand
– that there are businesses going out of business or not come into business because data is so ‘expensive’

Interesting rant

OSMers crash Google MapMaker ‘mapping party’

What do you do if you find out Google is having a mapping party in Minsk? You turn up and tell everyone about OpenStreetMAp and the lay in to MapMaker’s “Batty moderation system”

No mention of Evil-doing though.

Project of the week of March 21, 2010 — Retail therapy

Retail shops and services on Main Street

Few things demonstrate the character of a small town like the shops on
the main street. Even as smaller towns suffer from urban sprawl,
big-boxification and online shopping, some Main Streets survive and
even thrive. Let’s make sure that those Mom ‘n Pop operations, the
general stores and the barber shops that serve as the cultural hub of
their community have the benefit of being on the map. The project of
the week for Mar 21, 2010 is to map a block or more of retail shops.

Retail therapy

Map the shops and services on your favorite Main Street. Substitute a
shopping plaza or mall should you not have a Main Street at your
disposal. We’re looking here for places that hang a sign with their
operating hours and who expect folks to come walking in the door with
a head full of dreams and a pocketful of money, and walk back out with
a product. (Okay, services too.)

Add the cafe, the burger joint, the barbershop, the lawyer, the
library, bank, general store, movie theatre and post office, … all
those places on Main, between Pine and Maple.

Find more details on the Project of the Week page:

Photo credit, ccby kevindooley on Flickr

OSM accepted as mentoring organization for GSoC’10.

Rajan writes on the OSM list:
Congratulations OSM Community, OSM got accepted as mentoring organization for the third time in 2010. Thanks to Graham for his much appreciated efforts and Ian for his valuable comments/suggestions. Now, this means, that OSM will get student programmers to work on some much needed project implementations, and Google will sponsor them. Few mentioned here -> , please feel free to add/edit the same.If you are a student, consider participating the same by submitting your proposal. To begin with, explore Project ideas page, and/or create draft of your proposal here -> .