3 thoughts on “Screencast on how to remove duplicate node in OpenStreetMap

  1. jumbanho

    Thanks for the tutorial, I hope it inspires people to action. I have a minor quibble. The National Hydrography Dataset that is being uploaded in the United States has many of these duplicate nodes, one of which you corrected. The minor quibble and observation is that you missed another duplicate. Any time two streams meet, there are actually three different ways that meet at the intersection, so there will be three nodes in one place, or two duplicate nodes.

  2. Pink Duck

    I’ve just finished correcting duplicate nodes in the UK. One thing that strikes me after all that is that there is a strong need for people to use a validator on their areas and when uploading. JOSM has one as a plug-in. There’s a web-based one at http://keepright.ipax.at/ too, which will shortly be introducing duplicate note detection. It’s important to connect up overlapped nodes from highways and paths so that routing algorithms can get the right path.

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