Gipúzcoa Provincial Council releases all its geo data

The folks over at theTagzania blog just announced this:

Today, it’s a great day. The Gipúzcoa Provincial Council has released all its data in the B5M geo website under a free license.

B5M website screenshot

B5M website screenshot

The “Legal information” page has some changes including what we believe is a license compatible with CC-BY:

The content geographic information corresponding to the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council may be reproduced, removed and reused freely on a nonexclusive basis, in whole or in part, by any person in any format and for any subsequent legitimate use under the following terms:

This is the only condition of reusing content that limits its use:

1. Authorship must be indicated in any case.

It’s great news, no doubt. Our Provincial Council’s geo team is an example because of the quality of their projects and services; there isn’t around any public administration’s geo team like Gipuzkoa’s. We hope that this release decision will be copied by other public administrations.

Not only OpenStreetMap has a wonderful chance to create a great map of our province, now, companies like Tagzania Services will be able to develop really useful and interesting apps for our customers using B5M’s data. Thanks a lot B5M, eskerrik asko!

2 thoughts on “Gipúzcoa Provincial Council releases all its geo data

  1. cdauth

    Hm, how can CC-by data be imported into OpenStreetMap? Wouldn’t this mean that every renderer and every application that uses this data would have to attribute the Provincial Council?

  2. IvanSanchez Post author

    Right now, every piece of data is attributed (in the form of a source= tag). This data won’t be any exception.

    And, yes, que question of correctly attributing ownership is a tough one, since OSM has more than 190000 users (and all of those should be displayed when showing a top-level render of the earth).

    The OSM Foundation will talk with the council to sand any rough edges, though.

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