Californian county fined for not releasing data

Nice wired article:

A California county’s three-year battle to prevent a nonprofit group from obtaining public mapping data has ended disastrously for the county after it was ordered by a court to pay the group $500,000 in legal costs.

Last February, Santa Clara County, the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, was ordered to hand over the public records to the California First Amendment Coalition for a minimal duplication fee after initially trying to charge $250,000 for the data and then appealing to the federal government to designate the data a national security secret that couldn’t be released. This week the county paid out to the coalition twice the amount in legal fees that it had once hoped to rake in as profit for the data.

2 thoughts on “Californian county fined for not releasing data

  1. nickw2

    Good!!! How’s this for a fair exchange? America learns from Britain on the health service, and we learn from America on free and open data. Sadly I can’t see that happening on either side 🙁

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