WhereCamp 5280

I’m at WhereCamp5280 in Denver, Colorado. 5280 refers to the number of feet in a mile since Denver is the mile high city. There are some great talks here and the conference is free and extends to tomorrow, Saturday 16th August so come along.


I did a talk about OSM of course and then Peter organised a group discussion on OSM in the USA (see above). It was really quite something as it was the first time we had a group of people who are already doing things with OSM. People from USGS, ESRI, universities and companies who are using the data and running events like mapping parties. Of course we’ve had impromptu groups like this in Europe for the some time, and BOFs at things like Where 2.0 in the US. But, from my experience so far the ones in the USA have mainly been people new to the project. So, it’s a milestone for the US community, and it’s great!