2 thoughts on “OSM Mentioned in the Economist

  1. markdgoodley

    Question to the forum in the form of HELP PLS. : I’d like to download an OSM, write or draw a route/course on the map I’d like to ride (bicyle), and then download it to my Garmin (305 or Nuvi)… The intent obviously is to follow the route line on the GPS… (currently you have to ride the course first, and save it to see it for future rides).

    Is there an app tool available that creates a route that then can be downloaded with the map…? TNX ALL!!!

  2. Harry Wood

    “app tool available that creates a route” Not really clear what that means.

    You can load maps onto your garmin which include tracks and footpaths i.e. openstreetmap. (Do this by just download an img file from CloudMade or look into technical details of putting OSM Maps on a garmin.)

    You would also be able to use garmin’s routing capabilities to follow a bike route on some OSM based downloads.

    But if you’re looking for an app that “creates a route”, somehow magically knowing where a bike route is before anyone has actually cycled down it to get a GPS trace… I’m afraid that doesn’t exist yet 🙂

    “Question to the forum” ? The forum is at forum.openstreetmap.org

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