SOTM needs a logo!

From stateofthemaporg:

The SOTM working group is pleased to announce a call for logo designs. Our existing logos have served us well and the time is right to look further afield to make sure we have the best design possible. We’ve put together a Design Brief which outlines what we’re looking for in a logo. We invite you to either build a logo yourself, rope in some friends/co-workers or use a site like and a spare £/$/€50 and get a freelancer to have a go.

The logo must be licensed CC-BY-SA and received by email within two weeks (by midnight Wednesday 8th April UK time). The team will decide by vote the logo to go with.

The winning entry will be rewarded with a full weekend ticket to SOTM!

The SOTM team can’t wait to see your entries!

One thought on “SOTM needs a logo!

  1. bmichel

    Take a look at if you can afford a budget for the logo.
    It might be a good idea to post the brief there but you’ll have to reward the winning logo designer. I don’t think they’ll accept a SOTM ticket though, no matter how appealing it is!

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