OSM on a mobile

richard sent me this pic a while ago:

It’s from someones mobile at the xmas 2006 OSM meetup. It’s an osmarendered image put in to some magic app on a nokia mobile… If anyone remembers more info please add it to the comments. Anyway, a sign of things to come?

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  1. tim_chippy

    Hi, this was from my phone – its using Trekbuddy j2me application and a bluetooth GPS reciever to collect tracks. Its a nokia 6230i.

    I used osmarenderer and inkscape to get a nice png of the area then calibrated the image and sliced it up, then uploaded to the phone. I’d like to see some easier way of automating this – a standalone program, or JOSM plugin I hope to be writing soon.

    It saves tracks as nmea (1 second) and gpx (>10 seconds). At present it doesnt show the current track that you are recording live, and its not open source, but is free(beer) and frequently updated, with a good forum.

    trekbuddy forums:

    I’ve had a look at trekbuddy, and a few other mobile phone j2me application for osm use on my blog: http://thinkwhere.wordpress.com/tag/j2me/

    p.s. I took another (slightly clearer) pic of OSM on the phone at the bottom of the page here:

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