OSMonth Day 12.5

Spent this morning doing boring tax things, so a half day to come. Stuff done

  • (actually a couple of days ago) moved map page to point at almiens new osmarender home on the dev server.
  • Map parties! Theres one in in London on 27-28th January. Then in Bristol on 24th-25th Feb. The another in Sheffield on 24th-25th March
  • Trying to confirm a good venue for london meet
  • More initial page and FIXMEs for Bristol meet. Mailed a bunch of people in Bristol for help with venues etc
  • Contacted sheflug (mail to their list is pending moderator approval) about help with organising the Sheffield party. Venue recommendations etc.
  • Replied to a ton of mail. Fixed link on freethepostcode and in svn
  • added lots of languages (all of ’em) to lists.openstreetmap.org’s mailman, but I don’t see that it’s done any difference. (i18n on the info pages, not lots more lists).
  • Went out mapping for an hour, tagged it all up. I’m ashamed to say there is still stuff near me unmapped!