Complete UK Maps from 1950s online

npemap is a nuke-from-orbit-quality browser of out of copyright UK maps. They’ve bootstrapped postcode data from freethepostcode and you can submit postcode data using whizzy ajax click-on-map goodness. Map data comes from scans of Richards New Popular collection and the code (so far as I know) comes from the Charlbury based code ninjas – the UKs highest concentration of mappers. It’s very pretty, try finding the forest your house was built on top of.

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  2. rummy

    Apologies for blowing my own trumpet here.

    For those who are interested in medium old maps, there’s an incomplete set of 1″ OS UK maps from the 1920-30’s available for viewing through the Google Maps interface at

    Coverage is only around 50% for England and Wales so far, but still growing albeit slowly.

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