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Thanks to the SoTM 2017 organisers

The international OpenStreetMap conference, State of the Map 2017, took place last weekend in Aizu Wakamatsu, Japan. Three fantastic days of talks and workshops on all things OpenStreetMap. Thanks to all those who attended!

Here’s the group photo (for those who got up early to be in it). There are many more photos to be found here on the facebook group (cc-by-sa-4.0)

Huge thanks also to the SOTM organising team. This team is made up of a group of long-term conference organising stars, and also the local team who this time were our wonderful hosts in Japan.

The folks handling the video recording have done a very speedy job of publishing all the recordings from the the two main rooms:

Session videos


As mentioned, there’s also a big collection of photos on a facebook group. Also check out the #sotm tweets, and a SOTM 2017 wiki page where we can link these things as well as blog write-ups etc.  We’ve shared so many ideas a this conference, let’s try to keep track of them all! Also stay tuned for more blog posts following-up on some conference themes.

Let’s meet at the State of the Map, Japan!

OpenStreetMap communities form an integral part of OpenStreetMap. State of the Map conferences is held across the globe to celebrate the essence of these communities. Through the year we get an opportunity to interact with fellow OpenStreetMap contributors via various channels like OSM diaries, mailing lists, OSM Forum and many others, but seldom have an opportunity to meet those that live far from us. State of the Map conferences has become one of the platforms where the OSM usernames get faces and reflect the online world of OSM that we interact with every day!

To make the most of this opportunity you can now use this attendees page! You can add your OSM username, projects you have been or are working on, the country you are from, the dates you are planning to attend the conference and your contact information.

Photo by Harry Wood, CC BY-SA 2.0 on Flickr

Why is this useful? You can connect more easily with people from different parts of the world working on similar projects as you are. It can help you coordinate your travel with fellow OpenStreetMap contributors. It will help in setting up sessions, meetings and most importantly, help you make the most out of State of the Map.
Don’t forget to add your details and do look into the page before you travel to State of the Map!

See you all in Japan!