Working Group Summary

We’ve fallen behind on the Working Group Summaries as the snow got deeper.  Let’s try again.  These summaries do not replace the formal minutes of the working groups, they are intended to be a quick and easy summary of recent topics before the working groups.

Data Working Group

The Data Working Group met most recently on 20 January 2011. They responded to a report of inappropriately sourced data in Ecuador.  In the end that data was removed and the Ecuadoran community was notified on talk-ec@.

Technical Working Group

TWG met on 26 Jan 2011. Tile server loads are increasing. One major cause is the continued growth of data in well-mapped areas. A node moved in central Berlin, for example, causes re-rendering of a very complex meta-tile.  TWG is considering 5 minute expiry time to reduce the amount of re-rendering during an editing session. A new power supply is required for one server.  Most equipment has been transitioned to the new power management hardware.

The TWG also updated the near-, mid- and long-term hardware maintenance plan.

State of the Map Working Group

SotMWG met on 26 Jan 2011 and have released their Call for Papers for Denver.  The SotMWG is still accepting members.  Would you like to help organize the OpenStreetMap conference this year?   In particular, please offer your help to if you can help translate the Call for Papers. The SotM logo contest ends soon.

Communication Working Group

The CWG meeting of 24 Jan 2011 was canceled due to scheduling issues.

License Working Group

The LWG meeting of 25 Jan 2011 was canceled due to illness.

Strategic Working Group

The SWG met on 27 Jan 2011 and formalized the initial membership and operating practices of the SWG.  There was a review of the proposed budgeting process.