Ubiquitous Geocontext

car park

Saw this in Italy – a car park with little LEDs above each space showing green if the space is free, red if not. So you can drive around the aisles of cars and easily see if there is a space. Now for integration with your TomTom…

6 thoughts on “Ubiquitous Geocontext

  1. TomH

    The presence (or absence) of a hulking great piece of metal not having been sufficient clue as to whether or not the space is free…

  2. Koying

    This has been in Brussels, Belgium (Woluwe Shopping Center) for at least a couple of years. Probably due to the fact that parking in Europe is A LOT more problematic that in the US…

  3. Andi

    I know a car park where you see if there is any free place in a floor. Before you even enter the car park, there is a sign with the current number of free places, so you can decide early enough where to go … I think this is more important.
    When you have entered a floor, the LEDs are a good idea, so you can take the floor in appropriate speed —

  4. DancingFool

    We have one at our local airport where the front door has a counter of the number of free spaces total, each floor has a counter of the free spaces on that floor, and each isle shows the number free down that isle. It makes it very quick to find a space, even when the total free spaces is quite small. The only problem is it doesn’t distinguish between normal and handicapped spaces. 🙂

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