OSMonth: Day 19

Bit of a gap since day 18 I know, but work and organising openstreetmap stuff got in the way of working on openstreetmap. So, today lets try to get some rails done in the calm between bugfixes;

  • Moved the planet generation back to 1am rather than 4am which was for db problems last night
  • uploading new planet in to the (mapnik) tile server. For some reason it’s not putting rendered tiles in the db since the engine change from myisam ti innodb, investigating. Hrm the filesystem has millions of directories for the temporary files… deleting…. new planet now imported… tiles seem to be rendering but there’s a backlog.
  • Fixed the mime type bug on planet.openstreetmap.org, now figuring out why I can’t log in to trac. Ok fixed the login bug. closed bug 383 (mime type)
  • getting stevecam back up, waiting for tile server to load up new planet. Quick recompile, stevecam back up!
  • So it turns out the tile weirdness is because people have been trying to spider all the tiles. But, since many tiles don’t exist they get entered in the dirty queue to render.. which just expands… and expands. I’ve blocked the ips responsible and am now implementing a limit. 🙁
  • lunch
  • Limit implemented. It’s now 2,500 tiles / day / ip. Also, tiles which havn’t been viewed in more than a month (28 days) are deleted every day. See stuff over here for implementation. Cool all seems to be working.
  • deployed new openlayers, closes #310
  • replying to a ton of mail, organising various conferences and stuff I’m speaking at for OSM…. Added to wiki events page
  • Some final food for thought. Here’s a histogram with number of ip addresses on the y axis, number of tiles downloaded for the past 5 or 10 hours. As you can see the vast majority of people download under 2,000 tiles. But we get the odd person grabbing 10,000 or so. What should the limit be?

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    Um, well. I can confirm that the automatic banner works. Oops. I was just scrolling a lot, honest (

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