Monthly Archives: December 2006

SIS OSM Support

Cadcorps big GIS thing, SIS, now has an OSM plugin. You grab data with a fancy dialog box:

and can then overlay it with whatever other data you have, like this:

Neat, huh? Big thanks to Martin Daly at cadcorp for the work. SIS users should be able to get a copy of the plugin soon from here

OSMonth: Day 5

Day 5! This day is brought to you by Steve Clark and Ralf Zimmermann 🙂

Stuff done so far:

  • nodes and segments (plural) (bug 308) rails API calls to get multiple nodes/segs
  • ways too
  • GZip compression on the rails API output
  • Got rails daemons working (needed to import gpx files every n minutes)
  • bvh on IRC asks what OSM Central command looks like:
  • Blogged about the SIS plugin, see next post
  • Lots of GPX stuff, it’s almost all there. Missing pages and the tags just get thrown away right now. But, it parses and inserts the data and draws the pictures. The big picture is even animated now.

That’s week 1 gone, we’re 1/4 way through already!