OSMonth 11.5


  • restarted gpx import
  • submitted an xtech proposal. And a mapping party tutorial proposal.
  • copying over a ton of tiles that RalfZ has rendered to the main map (in progress)
  • rm’d all the blank tiles with find -size 158c -exec rm ‘{}’ ;
  • Many updates on the applet due to Nick Burch, try it out!


4 thoughts on “OSMonth 11.5

  1. Steve

    The applet was working for me last week, but is not today. Just tested with Firefox 2.0 on XP. The Yahoo images were great for the areas they cover.

  2. Steve

    Upgraded my Java and working now 🙂

    Perhaps it needs a system requirements link. A history of changes to the applet would be nice too. I see there are some zoom buttons now. The description of the wiki is in need of an update, but I don’t have the time just now.

    Thanks for the good work.

  3. johnrobot

    It works for me, at least for a while. It usually stops responding or fails to load tiles after 10-15 minutes using FF 2.0/IE 6 and latest JAVA.

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