Podcast: OS Mashup talk

Much shorter than normal and full of whizzy osmarendered maps. Look at the pdf and listen along with the mp3. update: Apparently the sound quality isn’t very good, apologies.

3 thoughts on “Podcast: OS Mashup talk

  1. sxpert

    unfortunately, steeve will need to learn that in order to be heard, he needs to speak into the microphone 😀

  2. mcp

    No doubt you know all about photogrammetry and paul debevec and the campanile movie and such. I take it you’re going to keep openstreetmap as just streets and not add in building outlines? I think it would be a fun and hardcore use of photogrammetry to allow people to take pictures of buildings and then add their outlines to OSM. Might require mobile phones to have both cameras and gps thou…

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