JOSM Birthday Release

A new release of JOSM is available today, called the “Birthday Release”. The Version number is 1.4, the subversion revision is 166. The main idea of this release is to give plugin writer a more stable environment to build on (please, mark your plugins in some way, if they work with this release).

What changed?

Many new stuff has been included since the century release. Improvements are mostly in the amount of features and the performance.

These are the main new features:

  • A Plugin system has been integrated to sandbox fragile and unstable code and to help other people writing addons.
  • Translations to german, french, romanian and british-english are provided by community members. They are available as plugins.
  • Some highly requested, special operations as “reverse segment”, “download incomplete ways”, “align nodes in a circle” and “select all segments in a straight” have been included.
  • GUI addons like a scaler or the annotation preset feature (to quickly select typical properties)
  • A Wiki-Help system hopefully improve usability for beginners (once the community start to help me filling it up 😉 )

Some performance gains since last release:

  • JOSM does not depend on the memory hungry JDOM Parser anymore but features MinML2, a very fast and tiny SAX-Parser.
  • Cleanups in the coordinate storing system result in ~20% less memory consumption.
  • Some time consuming processes have been put into a seperate thread.

Where to get it?

main site:
some mirrors:
complete log:

Ciao, Imi.