Yes, mapchester is over. We met at the MDDA and through various bits of insane publicity attracted 40-odd people over the weekend who came to help map manchester. The end result will be used at futuresonic.
It was a somewhat different event to the Isle of Wight, not attracting so many people versed in licenses and GPS signal properties. In fact, most had never used a GPS unit before. Speaking of GPS units, eTrex devices didn’t fare too well in Manchester’s urban areas thanks to the urban canyon effect. We all need 60CSX units but they’re expensive. Much like we all need houses in the Caribbean.

2 thoughts on “Mappedchester

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  2. Duncan

    I missed out on Mapchester because I only found out about it yesterday (and now I’m reading about it everywhere). It sounds like it was a lot fun and i can’t help feeling I missed out. Are there anymore activities planned in Manchester or nearby?

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