Recap of Google Summer of Code 2017

With this year’s Google Summer of Code’s recent successful completion, we thought it would be a good idea to recap and shine a spotlight on the individual projects. It’s the 10th year we were participating with success, so thanks to Google for supporting us again, and thanks to the Engineering Working Group for managing our […]

A look back at Google Summer Of Code 2015

Google Summer of Code is a program that matches student developers with open source projects. Students are paired with experienced mentors and spend a few months full time on improving open source software. Ideally, students get a decent stipend (paid for by Google) and good experience, while the projects get significant code contributions and exposure. […]

OpenStreetMap is a Google Summer of Code Project!

We’ve been selected to mentor students this year. We have about six potential mentors so far, and now we need some students. If you are a student, or teach students, or know either teachers or students, and think they’d be good match for OpenStreetMap in the Summer of Code, encourage them to look through our […]

Spend a Summer of Code with OpenStreetMap!

Are you a student who likes to code? Google Summer of Code offers you the opportunity to spend a couple of months contributing to an open source software project – such as OpenStreetMap – and get paid for it! In 2018, OpenStreetMap has been selected  again as a mentoring organization by Google, continuing ten years […]

Preparing for another Summer of Code

We’re now in preparation for our 10th Google Summer of Code. Over the years many students have participated and have continued to participate in the project beyond GSoC. Organizations may apply to GSoC to become mentoring orgs until February 9th and of course we already did apply. However, we have to wait for February 27th […]

OpenStreetMap Recap 2016

So yet another year has passed with so many new and exciting things. With a history of more than 12 years we have built a huge community with many success stories, large and small, and we want to share a brief recap of interesting things that happened this year. The OpenStreetMap Foundation’s board did some […]

Participating in GSoC 2016

Following the successful participation in last year’s event, OpenStreetMap has again been selected as a Google Summer of Code mentoring organization. We invite students to looking through our project ideas or discuss their own OSM-related ideas with our community. Applications can be submitted starting March 14. More information for students are available from our wiki […]

The map you see on is changing

If you head over to and click on the layers button on the right of the map, you are provided a selection of map layers to choose from. This is possible due to the nature of OpenStreetMap – by distributing open geographic data we enable others to produce a map from OpenStreetMap data in […]

Introducing Changeset Discussions

Community and communication are key to the success of OpenStreetMap project, yet discussions about individual edits have always been clumsy and awkward. In this post, I’ll describe Changeset Discussions, a new feature of the OSM website which allows people to have public discussions around changesets. Before Changeset Discussions Before the introduction of Changeset Discussions, the only […]